Jabber Mode – Send SMS instantly

Posted by Admin on July 06, 2014  /   Posted in Announcements

We have just released “Jabber Mode” on the EndlessJabber app!

Jabber Mode allows EndlessJabber to pull ahead of competitors by providing unmatched sync speed. Sending and receiving SMS messages now takes less then a second!

When you send an SMS message, SMS sync services rely on the Google Cloud Messaging infrastructure to send the command to your phone to create and send the SMS message. Depending on how busy the Google servers are, this command can take seconds or even minutes to reach your phone. This lag creates a huge issue when conversing back and forth and when sending urgent text messages.

Enabling “Jabber Mode” on the EndlessJabber app creates a persistent connection to the high speed EndlessJabber servers, bypassing the Google infrasructure. This enables us to communicate with your phone almost instantly enabling you to send/receive messages at the speed of conversation!

Try out the new “Jabber Mode” by downloading EndlessJabber now!


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