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Posted by Admin on February 05, 2017  /   Posted in Announcements

Our mission at Yappy is simple, help businesses create and manage long lasting and fruitful relationships with their customers.

Yappy helps businesses create relationships by enabling them to communicate with their customers where they are. Desktop customers can be served using our responsive chat widget, mobile customers can be reached via SMS and MMS text (including our website text-us widget), and we even integrate their Facebook Messenger messages, all in one unified team inbox.

Today we are very excited to introduce one of the many new features we’ve been working on to help our customers manage and grow their relationships even further. Yappy is now using IBM Watson to help businesses refine and deliver more impactful communication.

You may have already heard of IBM Watson, IBM’s cognitive system. It beat humans in Jeopardy and is even being used by H&R Block to ensure your taxes are filed properly (if you watched the 2017 Superbowl, you no doubt saw the commercial).

So how can a cognitive Artificial Intelligence be used to help your business be more successful? Using the power of IBM Watson, Yappy can now analyze and provide immediate recommendations on staff replies, canned responses, messages, and even marketing blasts to ensure they adhere to the high quality and effective communication vectors modern business expect.

How does Yappy use IBM Watson?

Whenever you use Yappy to converse with a customer, we do our best to bring in all kinds of data around the customer. When available, we bring in information such as their social profiles, name, gender, age, home address, employer, occupation, household income, other registered phone #s, and more.

Using this information, we use the power of IBM Watson to build an emotional profile of the customer. We determine what they like, what they don’t, and continuously refine this model as they reply to your CSRs during conversations. During a conversation session, we analyze, in real-time, the responses your CSR are crafting; we extract social emotional tones (joy, fear, andger, disgust, etc..) , language style (analytical, tentative, confident), and social tendencies(openness, extraversion, emotional range, tc..)

With this model, Yappy and IBM Watson will analyze and make recommendations to ensure you craft the most effective replies, marketing messages, and more.

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What will change in Yappy?

If you are new to Yappy, harness the power of cognitive business communications with a free 2 week trial to Yappy! If you are already using Yappy to manage your business communications, here are a few of the new features  you can expect to see immediately and in the upcoming weeks:

  1. As you craft your message, you can dynamically analyze your message and receive real-time recommendations to ensure your messages are professional and effective
  2. Chat transcripts will be graded and opportunities for improvement will be flagged. Managers as well as individual CSRs can use this information to improve the way they communicate with their customers.
  3. Customer profiles will have personality traits provided as they are calculated.
  4. Marketing blasts can be segmented and altered based on the insights provided.

Here is an example of the real-time analysis in action. We first take our intended reply and let Yappy + IBM Watson analyze our message:

We can see that our message is likely to be interpreted negatively since we are exhibiting anger and tentativeness. Let’s re-write the message to something more concrete and less aggressive.

Using this technique, we were able to modify our response to a more positive one which closely aligns with our goals of delivering personal and exceptional customer service.

To learn more, just log into your Yappy account (or create one) and start using the features today!


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