Real-Time Notification Mirroring From Android To Your Computer

Posted by Admin on May 15, 2015  /   Posted in Announcements

Yappy can now show you all of your phone’s notifications on your computer, the instant they show up on your Android phone.

Why did your phone just buzz?

So you are sitting on your couch, texting back and forth with your friend on your laptop using Yappy while your phone is in your bedroom plugged-in and charging. The next thing you know, your phone vibrates. You wait a second but don’t see a new text in Yappy on your laptop, it must be a notification you think!

Hmm, could it be Facebook? You log onto Facebook but alas, Facebook has no updates. Could it be Twitter, Instagram? Not those either… What could it be?!

Time for action; you get up and walk over to your phone to realize it was just Infoto reminding you to generate a new Infographic with all of the cool new photos you’ve taken on your phone.

Infoto world map


You appreciate the reminder but are not happy with the unwelcome disruption. Only if your notifications would be pushed over to your laptop you wouldn’t have to get up to check your phone.

Yappy to the rescue

With Yappy installed on your phone, your notifications will now pop-up on your laptop, so you never have to worry about that buzzing again! By default, the notifications will show up on the Yappy tab open in your web browser. For added convenience, simply install the Chrome extension and the notifications will pop up on your desktop, even when not on the Yappy website.


Notifications from Facebook, Whatsapp, and any other Android app will be displayed on your laptop or PC. You can either mute the notification from displaying again, or you can remotely dismiss. Dismissing will mark the notification as dismissed on your phone, as if you were doing it manually.


For even more control, the Chrome extension allows you to mute all notifications while still leaving SMS notifications active. Extremely useful in certain situations.



You can hide the notifications from showing up in the Yappy web page by going to the settings tab. Here you can unmute any previously muted notifications.



Finally, Yappy will also show you when a call is coming in so you can decide whether to take it or not.




New Yappy installs, by default, have notification sync enabled. To enable notification sync, simply open Yappy on your phone and go to the settings page. In the sync tab, click on enable/disable notification access section.


In the pop-up menu, simply check the box giving Yappy notification access permissions.




That’s it, just make sure Sync Notifications is enable once you click on the back button to enable notification sync.

How fast is fast?

More to come

We are excited about this new feature and have a lot more in store for Yappy and sync. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

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