EvolveSMS / EndlessJabber partnership!

Posted by Admin on June 25, 2014  /   Posted in Announcements

MariusSoft LLC and Klinker Apps have partnered together to bring users of EvolveSMS and EndlessJabber unprecedented power and control over their Android SMS messaging experience.

Users of EvolveSMS will be able to extend their SMS capabilities by taking their SMS control to the web. Performing tasks such as scheduling text messages, deleting conversations, replying to messages, viewing stats, searching messages, viewing MMS images, and tons more will be available from any web browser! (learn more @ http://www.endlessjabber.com/)

For current EndlessJabber users, their on device SMS experience will be elevated through the use of one of the best SMS apps on the Android OS, EvolveSMS! A sleek, gorgeous UI with customizable themes, fluid interface, and intuitive controls make EvolveSMSa must have for any Android user.

Recently passive SMS services that perform actions such as sync and backup have experienced a loss of features due to the release of Android KitKat. The ability to delete conversations, mark messages as read, and saving sent MMS to the local device have been restricted to only one app on the OS (This is usually your main SMS app). In order for these apps to maintain their functionality they’ve had to rely on users switching their main SMS app back and forth to allow temporary access.

Through this new partnership, users of EndlessJabber who use EvolveSMS as their primary SMS app will be able to once again perform all of the functions users have come to expect without needing to switch SMS apps! The beta version of EvolveSMS with integration support is now available.

Sign up for the Beta community to be one of the first users to try this out!

Get the EvolveSMS beta here (min version 1.8.5 beta 1)

Get the EndlessJabber here

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