How to Send & Receive Text Messages Right from Your PC or Tablet

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We’ve all been there; your phone is in your bedroom, plugged-in and charging, but you’re on the couch watching your favorite show and tweeting away on your tablet. Then you hear it, a faint sound and buzz coming from the bedroom – you’ve just received a new text message. It could be utterly important, maybe your daughter needs a ride from school?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to get off the couch? After all, it could just be a text from that SMS joke-a-day service you signed up for and can’t figure out how to stop.

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Worse yet, what if you just got to work, sat down in you chair, reach into your pocket to retrieve and plug-in your phone only to realize you left it at home? How are you going to respond to your texts? What about that message from your wife with a list of groceries she wanted you to pick up on the way home, how are you going to retrieve it?

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Don’t fret, I am going to share with you the best way to avoid these situations by bringing your text messages, and the ability to send them, to your favorite device!

How to Send & Receive Text Messages from Your PC, Tablet, or any XMPP chat client

Using the completely free Android app Yappy, I am going to demonstrate how easy and convenient it is to not only avoid the aforementioned situations, but make you more efficient at texting, regardless of where your phone might be!

Step 1: Install Yappy onto your Android Phone

Simply open up Google Play on your phone and search for the Yappy app. Download and install it on you phone.


Step 2: Set up Yappy on your Android Phone

The setup process for Yappy is extremely simple, it takes only one tap. Ensure the account you want to use is highlighted and click Complete Setup. If you don’t want your old messages sync’d simply uncheck the ‘Sync old messages’ check-box.


Step 3: Navigate to the Yappy Web Interface

You’re done, to send and receive text messages from any web browser simply navigate to


Step 4: Get Instant Notifications On your Computer When a New Message Arrives

If you want to be instantly notified on your PC/laptop/chromebook when a new message arrives, install one of the following extensions.

If you are a Chrome user, just install the Yappy extension. Click on ‘ADD TO CHROME’ to install it, you will now receive instant notifications as they arrive!



If you use Firefox, install the Firefox Add-on.


That’s it, you will now receive notifications on your desktop as soon as you receive an SMS message.

Step 5: Connect Your Favorite XMPP Chat Client

If you use an XMPP (Jabber) client such as Pidgin or Trillian, you can send and receive SMS messages directly from the chat client!

Here are instructions for setting up XMPP on Pidgin:

  1. Navigate to the settings tab on Yappy or click here
  2. Click the “Enable XMPP client integration” checkbox to be given your login/password for the currently selected phone on your account
  3. Open up Pidgin
  4. In Pidgin, click accounts -> Manage Accounts
  5. Add..
  6. Set the protocol as XMPP, username as provided, password as provided, domain as ‘’
  7. Click on the advanced tab and change the connect server and file transfer proxies to ‘’ and ensure connection security is set to ‘require encryption’

When you receive a new SMS message, you will receive a chat from [PhoneNumber]
Reply to this message to SMS back or send a new message to [PhoneNumber] to send an SMS

View Your Messages Online

Yappy provides a gorgeous and intuitive layout for you to view your conversations, schedule messages, view statistics on your texting habits, search old texts, and so much more! Just bring up to access all of these functions.



Enjoy Your New-found Freedom!

You can now text to your heart’s content from anywhere, without being tied to your smartphone!

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