How to Send & Receive Text Messages Right from Your PC or Tablet – Now with more features!

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If you are a tech savvy Android user you’ve already heard of and are using Yappy to send and received text messages from your PC or tablet. We are excited to share major updates we’ve recently released to take the experience to a whole new level!

Yappy already let you send & receive text messages from any PC, tablet, or XMPP chat client, but now you can message other Yappy users instantly, securely, and for free with our gorgeous new Lollipop material style Android app!

A whole new messaging experience requires a first step!

First, let’s cover the basics. In order to get started, follow the instructions here. The article will get you up and running with Yappy on your phone, and the Chrome or Firefox extension on your PC. Once you set up Yappy you will immediately notice our fully-fledged messenger!

Fully Featured Messenger

The messenger portion of the Yappy app, which can run on both Android tablets and phones, will sync all of your conversations across your devices! You can view your SMS and Yappy messages on your tablet and even reply, delete, etc…. As soon as you receive an SMS message on your phone, the notification will also pop-up on your PC/tablet and will be automatically dismissed if you view it in any of the devices.


Control all of your Phones

Just like the web interface, the Android app will also let you switch between multiple phones. If you have more than one phone linked to Yappy, simply select the phone you’d like to control from the app and all of the phone’s messages will be loaded onto the messenger. Any messages you send will send from that phone as well!



This feature is super useful if you have both a personal and business phone. This lets you carry only one phone while still conducting business via the other # or vice-versa.

Send Secure Encrypted Messages to Other Yappy Users

Whether using the phone messenger or web interface, you might notice that a contact might have a small Yappy logo next to their avatar when in a conversation. This indicates that they also have Yappy and you can send them ‘Yappy Messages‘.

Yappy messages are encrypted and sent via an encrypted connection directly to the Yappy app on your contacts’ device. Unlike traditional SMS and MMS text messages which are sent over your carrier’s public SMS network, Yappy Messages are completely secure!

Whether you are sending a private message or image, your message and its contents will never leave our encrypted network. In fact, we don’t even cache the messages on the user’s phone, ensuring that a malicious application or virus can’t even begin to try to steal the information.

Yappy Indicator on the Web interfaceyappy-web

Yappy Indicator on the Android applicationyappy-phone

View When Messages Are Read

Another integral feature of the Yappy to Yappy communication mechanism is receiving read notifications. As soon as your contact reads your Yappy message, the Android application and web interface will automatically update the sent message to indicate that it was read. For more information on when it was read, simply hover over the message on the web, or click on it on the Android app.

Seen indicator on the Web interfaceseen-web

Seen indicator on the Android applicationseen-phone

Linguistics and Sentiment Analysis

Are you ever worried your text replies might be too short and dry? Maybe you wonder if your contact has a crush on you? Our new linguistics features are sure to help with these questions and more!

When using our web interface you can now ask the system to analyse the conversation you are currently on and you will be presented with some really cool and useful information.


Custom Chat Backgrounds

Sprucing up your conversations is fun, but it can also be a very useful subconscious tool. We all know that colors and sights affect our mood, why not carry that over to your conversations?

Yappy now supports custom chat backgrounds in the Web interface; you can choose from repeating patterns, static images, as well as a custom transparency level. Try a custom background and notice how it can positively affect your mood when in a conversation!


Much much more!

Yappy continues to grow with constant new features and functionality. Keep up with all of our developments on this blogG+, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you haven’t already, be sure to install and try Yappy from the Google Play Store today!

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