A Very Yappy Interview: Danny

Posted by Danny Luo on May 21, 2015  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Hi, I’m Danny – a student and editor, located in beachside Santa Barbara, CA. You may know me as that guy in marketing at Yappy HQ. Here’s a mini Q and A for how I use Yappy everyday.

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Q: For starters, why do you use Yappy?

I used to have a not-so-mighty SMS app installed on my Android phone before OS updates broke it. It remained broken for a while before I got fed up and started looking for a better alternative. I discovered Yappy (back then it was called EndlessJabber) and was surprised by how polished the app was. It’s constantly updated and works great.

Q: How do you use Yappy everyday?

I do a ton of writing on my computer for classes and for my University’s campus newspaper – the Daily Nexus. I like having the ability to remain focused on my work without having to stop and fish out my phone when I get a text message. It’s really convenient and keeps me on task.

Q: What do you like about Yappy?

In lectures and meetings, I can avoid being rude and having to type a message on my phone. Being able to sneak a text message without my professors knowing is an added plus – let’s hope they don’t catch on just yet. It’s great for responding to long texts because I can type them out faster than with my thumbs. I spend most of my time on my MacBook, so it’s perfect for writers like myself.

I have it installed on my Moto X and battery and data usage is pretty minimal. My phone isn’t the fastest smartphone out there so I’m cautious of Android apps that use up resources.

Q: What are you looking forward to in future Yappy updates?

Ever since Google showed of their new design guidelines, I’ve been on the lookout for Material Design apps. I’m hoping for Yappy to get a UI refresh soon. Maybe it will be in a beta? Count me in.

That’s how I use Yappy. To check out Yappy, head here to get it now for free on Android.

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